More than 600,000 pets are euthanized each year because their owners have not made provisions for their care upon the owners' death.


Daniel, the Beagle, Survives Gas Chamber

Linda Schiller, founder of Eleventh Hour Rescue, is hopeful Daniel's survival will raise awareness of the campaign to stop gassing unadopted pets. Many states have banned gas chambers for euthanizing pets, including Alabama. But that law won't come into effect until… read more

"Ensure the Future"© photo contest

May 10, 2011, Chicago IL:  Peace of Mind Pet Trust (POMPT) wants your pet on their Facebook page, and they’ll award the first 50 submissions with 50% off a pet trust ($45 value).  POMPT is interested in   spreading the word that humans need to Ensure the Future for their pets, because if they… read more

Pet Ownership and Our Health

Ask any health practitioner to label lifestyle traits that lead to improved health and following answers will likely be included: exercise, positive interactions, and having an optimistic perspective. All three of these traits are strongly related to numerous (if not most) mental and physical health outcomes, while the lack of each of these in… read more